View My Chain sheds new light on the complex home buying process. The most informed way to move from SSTC to Exchange.
Clear, honest, up-to-the-minute information of what’s happening in the chain empowers the proactive agent to complete faster than ever before.


View My Chain was founded in 2015 by two entrepreneurs Sohail Rashid and Ian Lancaster.  View My Chain is a platform that has been developed to radically improve the current home moving process.

It allows agents, buyers, and sellers to view automated key buying and selling milestones such as searches being ordered or mortgages applied for.

View My Chain is the only data-driven chain management tool which provides the best solution to help agents achieve lower fall-throughs, faster completions, and less wastage.


We provide a full Scrum Team that work under the instructions of View My Chain Product Owner applying Scrum model. Our PHP developers, Scrum Masters, and Testers are English speaking and have sound knowledge with Property Techs and big data.