Mobile applications

Mobile App Development

March 26, 2020

Along with the speed of technology development, mobile phones have become more than a device to make a call or send SMS. Mobile phone features...
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Website & Web-Applications

March 12, 2020

10 Ways to Save Money on Software Development

When a business is small or starting up, it is especially critical to control the cost of software development. Projects often do not follow the...
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Big Data Analytics

July 1, 2019

Data strategy: what makes good data?

Paul Hickey, our Director of Digital Solutions recently took part in a Q&A for Lonely Marketer talking all things digital data with Managing Director, Nelly Berova....
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June 24, 2019

Laravel quick performance (Part 1)

The Optimize Command and Route Caching The optimize command has various aspects to improve the performance of the Laravel application. The command provides two flags....
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Website & Web-Applications

June 17, 2019

JAMstack – how it can be your next web development architecture

In this day and age, people are consuming content on mobile phones more than ever and experiencing a low tolerance for slow loading website. A...
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Cloud solutions

June 3, 2019

Laravel Nova: your simple Admin Panel CMS

Sometimes you need a simple admin panel to download reports, send emails, search data, review graphs, or safely make database changes. If you have a...
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Human Resources

May 27, 2019

Let’s talk Communication (P2) – Developers Communication Rescue Guide

In my last post, we’ve discussed the importance of communication in a project as well as why communication breakdown occurs and the general method to...
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