Nowadays, Cloud Computing is an important part of the Internet world. I remember when Apple introduced their iCloud, I thought it was funny, there would be no one want their data, especially sensitive personal data on the internet. Ironically, now most of my important files are on iCloud 😀

So Cloud Computing’s simply known as “the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more—over the Internet” – regarding its definition. Companies offering these computing services are called cloud providers. You may know Amazon Web Service – the big guy, huh? Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud too, of course. In this series, I will give you some practices with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Hope it will be helpful to you all, even just a little bit.

Google is a newbie in the Cloud provider market, but they are growing dramatically fast. On December 20th, 2017 Jefferies analyst John DiFucci introduced quarterly snapshots of public cloud services. Even though Amazon rules the public cloud, the year-over-year growth of 125% by Google Cloud Platform in 2017 is pretty incredible!

In this series, I will walk you through some popular resources of GCP that could help you understand more about them.
There will be 2 posts of the series
2.In Action

But first, to follow this, you need to create a free trial account on GCP and install Google Cloud SDK on your device.

After signing up for a new account and installing Google Cloud SDK, you should init your credential then create a separate project for practicing. So, let’s open your terminal and create it.

I will explain what the project is and how it benefits in another post. We have started with GCP by a few basic commands using the Google Cloud SDK command-line util.

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