At TwentyCi, we recognize the importance of omnichannel programmes as an extremely important marketing approach. And as a concept that is likely to only continue to grow in the coming years. With this significance in mind, Paul Hickey, our COO, was recently asked to provide his best tips for omnichannel marketing. Read on for this top five.

1) Ensure your customer data is correct and up to date

Recency of data is of the utmost importance and it should be factual, not inferred if you want to ensure your communications are fully on point.

2) Make your content relevant

Ensure communications are contextually relevant in terms of both timings and messaging to optimize their impact.

3) Understand your customer journey

In omnichannel the consumer journey is no longer linear so you need an understanding of where your customers are so that you reach them in the right way.

4) Have a 360° view of your customers

Take a holistic view of your customers rather than looking at what they are doing in isolation. Only then can you make fully informed decisions about offers, messaging and timing.

5) Don’t be creepy!

Data enables us to gain a rich understanding of the people we are targeting, but be careful how you use it. The approach will depend on the brand and the product/service being promoted. A homemover will undoubtedly be in the market for new furniture, carpets or DIY products and will be grateful for the communication. However, make sure you use your knowledge to be relevant with a tone that is not intrusive. For instance, we would never advocate saying ‘we know you are having a baby’!


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